Meet Dr. Joseph Kenneally

Meet Dr. Joseph R. Kenneally

In the 30-plus years I have been a dentist, I have had the privilege of serving several generations of families. I have seen those I have cared for grow up, go through life-changing events, and accomplish many great things. They are wonderful people and many have become close friends.  

There is always something new and interesting developing in my field and, being a geek at heart, I am usually an early adopter of new technologies. It is a pleasure for me when I am able to find a way to do what I do, better, though some of our patients are amused about how we are constantly changing, evolving, and updating the office.

The treatment planning and teamwork we use to give our patients the best possible outcome is highly rewarding. Each member of the team puts our patients first and provides superior customer care. I hire smart people with positive personalities, invest time and money in their training, empower them to be creative thinkers, and utilize their talents. We learn a lot from each other. They are adventurous, fun-loving, and know how to work with the many different personalities of our patients. People laugh a lot here. Every team member is quick to flash her bright smile and several know how to make pretty good balloon animals for the kids.


My educational background includes:

Continuing Education

Each year, I average more than 50-hours of continuing education. My study has included time at the Dawson Academy, The Seattle Study Club, the Center for Professional Development, and E4D University, among others. Continuing education keeps my knowledge base at its highest possible level and adds to the interest and enthusiasm I feel for my profession.

Professional Associations

Being active within my professional community keeps me up-to-date concerning developments in dentistry and is a must if I am to provide my patients the best care. I have been able to travel and learn from leaders in dentistry, while making my skills and knowledge freely available to others. In the process, I have formed many wonderful friendships with dentists from throughout the country and around the world.

My professional memberships include:


This is a wonderful area in which to live and to have a family. My wife, Dr. Lisa P. Howard, is an orthodontist. Together, we share four grown children, Lauren and Kevin Kenneally, and Lauren and Joseph Howard. We have a wonderful dog named Ophelia, and lots of relatives and in-laws.

My leisure interests include computers, boating, kayaking, ice hockey, downhill skiing, cycling, water color painting, politics, cooking, wine collecting, travel, learning languages, hiking, art collecting, music, and golf. I am a big fan of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins, New York Giants, and the New England Patriots.

Community Involvement

I have always tried to serve my community by contributing my energies in a meaningful way. Toward that end, I have found working with young people inspiring and enjoyable. My many years of coaching experience has included time working with Biddeford Youth Hockey, Biddeford Little League, Kennebunk Little League, and Kennebunk Soccer Club. Over the years, we have sponsored a girls' softball team called the Shamrocks, a youth hockey team named the Drillers, and a little league baseball team known as the Choppers.