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Southern Maine Dental

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My experiences at Southern Maine Dental have been nothing short of what the practice of dentistry is all about: restoration and healing. I came to Joe’s office several years ago with what can only be described as a complicated set of dental and gum disorders. Broken, split teeth and horrible gum infections had plagued me for years. There were no easy fixes but Joe and his remarkable staff approached each problem with not only genuine and tender care, but also the critical clinical skills necessary to fix them. I now have the teeth I was meant to have – healthy, whole and beautiful. I could not be more happy or grateful. My early experiences with dentists were not good ones. As a child I was frightened about dental treatments because the dentist was overpowering and the procedures very painful. Not any more. At Joe’s, each and every person is warm and supportive from the time I walk in the door. I am seen on time and immediately put at ease in the dental chair. Joe’s state of the art technology keeps me pain-free yet involved in my care, and he and his staff give me the time and information I need to understand what is going on with my teeth, so together we can make the best decisions about my oral care. And, oh, there is something special going on in Joe’s office that makes a visit to this dentist a pleasure. Whether it is the music that is played, the friendly banter among patients and staff or the warmth and care that surrounds each patient, you’ll find yourself surrounded in an atmosphere of wellness and cheer. Truly this is the art (and science!) of dentistry.


It was so impressive and exciting to see the recent announcement of your being the recipient of the 2010 James W. Etherington Award at the Yankee Dental Congress 35th annual convention. Only four Maine dentists have been so honored since the award was first given in 1976. I believe Etherington was a former Massachusetts Dental Association president (1966) and ironically, was the first winner of the Etherington Award! You probably know well the other three Maine awardees: Henry Schmidt (2005); Howard Bates (2001); and, Henry Pollard (1995). Did you know the award is NOT given every year? The Etherington Award was not assigned in 1980, 1987 or 1996 and this seems to make it even more special, as the standards to receive this honor are held quite high. Etherington has been described as a "behind the scenes powerhouse" who made significant contributions to organized dentistry. It wasn't until I read up on some of this stuff that I came to realize how important the American Dental Association and all of the dental state societies are in the role they play to provide critical support and advocacy for their memberships. Going to Southern Maine Dental is like having a special reservation at the best area restaurant. I am privileged to have you as my DENTIST and along the way, to have made a nifty friendship. It has never been about the money, it has always been about the outcome for each individual who comes to you and your staff. Along this journey, Joe, you have gone out of your way to take a leadership position in the Maine and national dental worlds. You have donated countless hours of your time, most recently in the establishment of a local clinic. Through it all, you have also managed to live a full life, to have much fun, to inspire and share in so many ways with your staff. If everyone did their job like you did yours, the world would be so much better. Thanks for allowing me to be a member of the Southern Maine Dental klan.


Joe uses the latest technology, and techniques. The staff is professional, welcoming, and compassionate and best of all fun! I have been a long time patient; I have dental weaknesses that are caused by an auto-immune disease. Over the years I have spent numerous hours in that chair. The time is eased by good conversation and lots of laughs. I truly appreciate their time and the hard work that has been invested in me. The results are amazing! Joe has gone over and above to help me achieve a smile I can be proud of...